What You Need to Know About Threads: The Latest Camera-First Messaging App

Like many things on social, the number of ways users can connect
with their friends continues to grow. Towards the end of last year Facebook
launched Threads from Instagram. It’s a standalone camera-first messaging app
that serves as a way to stay connected with your closest friends through
pictures, videos, stories and more. Read on to learn more about the latest
camera-first messaging app.

It’s All About Connecting

Social media is all about connecting, and the Director of
Product at Instagram
said it best: “Threads is a standalone app designed with privacy, speed, and
your close connections in mind.” Since it’s camera-first, like Snapchat, it
shares some of the same features – like making it easy to share in-the-moment
content right to the people you want to see it and the ability to choose how
long the videos and images are available for. While similar, Threads also has
some features that make it stand out among the other messaging

Threads and Your “Close Friends”

This app works hand in hand with Instagram’s Close Friends
list, enabling users to engage with those closest to them. Within Threads,
users have the option to send their messages to their entire Close Friends
list, a sub-group, or even select one person. Since no one can request to be
added to users Close Friends lists, it helps control exactly who makes the list
and can see each piece of content.  Don’t
worry if you haven’t made your Close Friends list on Instagram – users can
always make one after logging into Threads.

Leave a Status

Too busy to take a pic or create the perfect caption? That’s
okay! Threads simplifies the process with the Status options. Users have three
options to choose from: they can select a suggested status like “Studying”,
create their own, or they can turn on Auto Status, which shares a general
category of where they’re at or what they’re doing. If Auto Status is enabled,
the app will utilize location services, movement, battery life, and network
connectivity to find out what the user is up to, while keeping their Status
vague enough so no one will know the exact location. The Status feature is opt-in
so it’s not something users have to utilize on the app.  

Keeping Privacy in Mind

With privacy being so important these days, this app was
designed so users only share with those who they’re close with, within a
private space. The features the app offers, like Status, are customizable and
allow users to share as much or as little as they’d like. With that in mind,
this app gives users the ability to really connect with those closest to them
in the same creative ways they would while using other social media platforms.   

Don’t knock it until you try it! That’s what they say,
right? So, give Threads a try when you’re looking for a messaging app to easily
connect and share with your closest friends.

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