What You Need to Know About Snapchat Dynamic Ads

Last October, Snapchat announced their newest addition to
their ad offerings: dynamic
. By joining Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in offering dynamic ads,
Snapchat will make it easy for e-commerce advertisers to get their products in
front of its users. Using Snapchat technology (Product Catalog and Snap pixel),
advertisers will have another way to reach users lower in the purchase funnel
through personalized ads. To prepare for the Q1 2020 roll out, here’s what you
need to know about Snapchat’s newest offering.

Product Catalog & Snap Pixel:

Snapchat will use information from a Product Catalog to
display products in dynamic ads. This catalog features product information
including title, description, and product link (see the
full list here
). You can set up your Product Catalog in Snap Business
Manger by manually uploading a CSV, connecting your data feed, or working
through a third-party such as Shopify. In addition to the Product Catalog, it’s
a good idea to implement the Snap Pixel too. This pixel is necessary for
retargeting, optimizing, and measuring the results of your campaign. With the
pixel, you can track specific events on your site such as add to cart, start
checkout, and purchase. This information will shed light on where users are
dropping off and can be used for creating groups of users to retarget.


Snapchat’s funnel-based targeting approach will offer two
options: prospecting and retargeting. Prospect targeting will allow you to
build a pool of potential customers using location, demographic, and predefined
audience targeting. With the Snap Pixel, you can then use website retargeting
to reach users in the prospecting pool who previously visited your site. Close
the sale by segmenting the retargeting audience further by reaching those
who’ve added to cart but did not purchase.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to target
for the different phases of the funnel, check out the below Social Ad Targeting to Address the Customer
articles on the Ignite blog.


Dynamic ads will be available in five easy-to-use
pre-built templates that are designed to prominently display products. Using
the Snap Ads + Web View attachment format, ads can direct users to the product
page for an easy shopping experience. Additional formats including Collection
and Story Ads are in the works and will be available as format options in the

As Snapchat grows their e-commerce capabilities, it’ll be interesting to see how this new offering impacts Snapchat’s 2020 ad revenue. If you plan on adding Snapchat dynamic ads to your social media strategy, Ignite is here to help! Contact us here.

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