The bootstrapper creates value

The times are nothing remotely like that any of us would have predicted just a few months ago. And many of the institutions and jobs we depended on have changed, perhaps for a long time to come. It’s going to be a slog.

And as always, there will be the other side of the slog.

Where will the solutions be found? How do each of us choose to contribute?

Into this void, it’s possible to show up with something new, something you start, something that solves a problem.

One of the most powerful things you can do is build a useful business. An enterprise of value, doing work of substance, filling a need and finding independence.

And to do it without raising money from a bank or waiting in line for a venture capitalist to smile at you is where freedom can be found.

You’re not a bootstrapper because you are thinking small. You’re a bootstrapper because it offers a chance to chart your own course and to serve your customers without conflict.

Innovation almost always comes from individuals who see a chance to make things better. Instead of waiting, they go first.

We’re relaunching The Bootstrapper’s Workshop today. We are connecting entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference, and doing it in a proven format that opens doors and helps you think even bigger. Something that matters for the long haul, not just a week or a month. Follow the link and look for the purple circle to save some money on enrollment. It’s at maximum value today.

I hope you can join us.

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