Stuck at home

A friend told me that she was dreading a possible quarantine in response to the worldwide health emergency.

“But you work at home,” I said. She agreed with me, but made it clear that when it was her choice, it felt different.

The first job is taking care of the people around you and helping others get their health back.

After that, we have choices to make. Choices about how to spend our time, how to connect and how to view the change to our lives.

What if we committed to watching less Netflix, not more? Fewer news updates, fewer YouTube videos, fewer digital distractions.

What if we decided to find a way to connect with people who need us, to lead people forward, to weave something generous for the community?

And what if we chose to learn something? All the time not spent commuting or in meetings–a chance to dive deep into the work of McCoy Tyner, or to understand how probability works.

Even as we retreat from physical interaction, there’s a huge opportunity to actually connect, to learn and to understand.

Panic is a choice, and so is productive generosity.

Good health and peace of mind to you and to people you care about.

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