Round Up of All of Instagram’s Newest Features and Features to Be on The Lookout For

Instagram is constantly keeping all of us on our toes with
new features to the platform, changes to their algorithm, and so much more.
Because there are constant changes to stay up to date with, we’ve put together
a list of all the recent changes and features to make your life easier.

Sorting Options for
Followers and Karaoke-Style Music Videos

You’ll now be able to filter your most recent ‘followers’ and ‘following’ lists which would enable you to sort the list by most recent additional, or the opposite. This change makes is easier to locate your most long-serving brand supporters, which may provide new opportunities for connection.

Instagram is also trying out a karaoke-esque music video with lyrics tools for stories, adding to your music sharing options – we’re pumped about this new feature, if it rolls out.

Instagram Hides
“Like” Counts in Leaked Design Prototype

We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how
many likes your posts get. During this test, only the person who shares a post
will see the total number of likes it gets.

Hiding Like counts could reduce herd mentality, where people just Like what’s already gotten tons of Likes. It could reduce the sense of competition on Instagram, since users won’t compare their own counts with those of more popular friends or superstar creators. And it could encourage creators to post what feels most authentic rather than trying to rack up Likes for everyone to see.

Source: TechCrunch

Instagram’s Test to New
Communal Video Viewing Option

Instagram is testing to launch a new option which enables
users to view on-platform video content with a friend, while also seeing their
reactions on screen via the phone camera.

The option would start with a split-screen view, where you can apply face filters and other visual tools to your personal camera feed. You can then choose Instagram videos to watch together, with the added interactive elements of being able to see and hear your co-viewer in a minimized window.

Instagram Tests New “Join Chat” Sticker

Jane Manchun Wong uncovered a new “Join Chat” sticker option
on Instagram
.  The sticker would
enable stories viewers to join a private chat group, direct from the story. The
‘Join Chat’ sticker prompts the user to add a note on what the chat is about.

It also has a lower message that reads ‘People who view your story can request to join this group chat’. About 85% of the messages shared on Instagram are distributed among the same three friends, as opposed to broader groups. This new sticker option could put a greater emphasis on this by prompting private group discussions and sharing.

Source: Social Samosa

Instagram Rolls Out
Updated Explore Format, Including Stories Content

  • Instagram is rolling out some changes to its
    Explore tab:

    • Showcase more related trends
    • Guide to IGTV
    • Push to on-platform shopping options
    • Instagram has tweaked the format of the Explore
      search options to put more focus on the listed content
    • Topic tabs appear to be reduced in size
    • Some users have had this new format for the last
      month or so, as part of Instagram’s testing
    • The new layout removes the preview images,
      putting more focus onto the content

Instagram Re-Vamps IGTV to Better Align
with Rising Consumption Trends

has given IGTV a refresh, which is more aligned with Snapchat and rising
short-video platform TikTok

  • Opting for a singular feed of
    algorithmically-defined content that plays through, one-by-one, while it’s also
    added larger video tiles (right image above), which you scroll through
  • The larger tiles are a lot like Snapchat’s
    Discover, while the singular feed takes cues from TikTok. 
  • The idea is to tap into content trends that have
    proven popular in other apps (but whether that will make IGTV more appealing is
    hard to say.
Source: Fast Company

Need help implementing these Instagram changes to your social strategy? We’re here to help!

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