Next Phase of Social Shopping: Facebook and Instagram Checkout

Ever since Facebook and Instagram started selling ad space,
marketers have wondered when social shopping and the direct purchase of
products would become available via the platforms. That time is officially
here, and brands should start thinking about how they might implement direct
buying on the platforms for their customers.

A little background on what’s currently available: In early 2019, Instagram announced Instagram Checkout, which touted the ability for customers to save their credit card and shipping information within the Instagram app, making in-app purchases of selected products a breeze. The initial launch was limited to 20-some brands, but there is now a form brands can fill out to express their interest in joining the beta, indicating more brands might be given access soon. On Facebook, many brands can already set up in-app checkout for their customers. It is limited to US sellers and requires you to connect a catalog from which users can select products to buy.

With these new in-app buying opportunities on the horizon, brands should consider what steps they’ll need to take to integrate and sell their products on the platforms. Considerations of buying online via social have continued to rise year over year, with reports that 80% of Instagram users say the app already helps them make purchase decisions. Facebook reported that “more than 130 million users tap on tags in Instagram shopping posts”, so shopping behavior is already a huge part of the app. There’s little reason to expect that customers won’t take the opportunity to make quick purchases via the apps they use every day, especially if their purchasing information is saved.

If you are ready to get started with direct selling on
Facebook and Instagram, there are some steps you need to take:

Getting ahead of these steps will ensure your brand is ready to sell on Facebook and will help you be prepared to launch once Instagram Checkout rolls out more widely. Need some help getting ready to sell direct on social media? Contact us here.

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