Online Marketing, does it really work

 Well that all depends on who you ask!  There are three kinds of people that you have to consider when you ask that question.

1. The Whiners – Those that sign up for a program and never do a thing with it.  They will not attend the webinars, they won’t listen to the upline, someone who has made it work for them, and they refuse to put in the work.

2. The Stikin In – Those that are doing what they have to do and learning the skills that it takes to become successful.  Contrary to belief, you can not join a program and sit back and think the money is going to just roll on in there,  It does take work, dedication, consistency and a want to on your part.

3. The Have Made Its – Those that have put in the work, had the dedication, had the consistency and put inn the work it takes to make the program work for them.

If you ask The Whiners  they will tell you that it doesn’t work.  They will tell you how they never made a dime and will tell you they will never get involved with anything to do with online marketing again and that you should not either.

If you ask The Stikin Ins they will look at you with a smile on their face and happily announce “It has not yet but it is going to because I am learning the skill.”  Let’s face it, in order to do something that you have never done you have to Learn What To Do in order to do it, Right?

If you ask The Have Made Its they will tell you with confidence “Yes it does.”

Now, YOU have to decide which one of these kinds of people you are going to be – The Whiner, The Stiking In, Or The Have Made Its.

In general, if you are going to start an online business you have be at least two kinds, The Stikin In and The Have  Made Its.  Why, because you have to learn the skill to become successful and then you have to apply it so you can become The Have Made Its.

So, Now it is time for you to decide if you are going to make the decision that could change your life forever.  I will be waiting for you on the sidelines.

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