May Social Media Trends

They say April showers bring May flowers and Social’s in full
bloom! So many new, fresh and exciting things are popping up on the social
scene.  Let’s dive into the May Social
Media Trends!

goes Live!

is the newest update to come out of the working-world social
platform. The ability to go live was the most requested feature among users. On
the marketing side this seems promising for brand engagement and the
possibility to buy ad space where thought leaders & consumers will be.
Real-time information and Q&A among companies, competitors and potential
job candidates is a sweet spot brands can and should take advantage of. Not to
mention the potential for multiple revenue streams for LinkedIn itself,
although they say that is not their focus at this stage: “That
will come down the road, but for right now we are focused on awesome use cases

micro-channels all the rage

Last week’s Ignite
Your Week
introduced us to Gen Z’s channel reinvention on the Gram.
College freshman are showing us how to create the space you desire on the
platform you love.  Students are creating
smaller channels with a very specific focus based on their interests. According
to Forbes, Gen Z will be the leading consumer by 2020 with a whopping 29 to 143
billion in spending power! Some brands are already getting behind the trend, so
it looks like Gen Z’s proved they’re worth the change.

Groups Streamlined

Facebook has become a hub for everything group-centered, and
that’s not lost on the creators. The newest update looks to make finding and
engaging in things that are important to you easier. A groups tab with its own
timeline is a major shift in focus and could mean it’s time to change the way
brands approach Facebook marketing. The ability to share brand content in groups
could boost brand awareness and expose companies to lots of potential new

This month’s Social
You Should Know
detailed the changes and benefits to Employers in
Job groups, members of Health Support Groups, and members of Gaming Groups.

Want to know how this affects your brand? Ready to make a change? Reach out to us and let’s get started!

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