March Social Media Trends

March has been a busy month at Ignite! We offered free, 30-minute calls to ramp up your social media game, hosted a webinar on how social has changed the customer journey, and our clients – Sabra, Vera Bradley, Discover Boating & Altar’d State – were recognized as finalists in the Shorty awards.

March has also been a busy month in social! We saw changes to platforms, another Facebook security scare, and a massive scandal that could change the world of influencer marketing. If you want to stay up to date on the latest trends, sign up for Social You Should Know, our bi-weekly newsletter. If you want to know more about March social media trends, read on!

Twitter Teases Big Changes to Platform

Earlier this month, Twitter teased big changes to the network we all know and love. They attribute these changes to their goal of promoting “healthy conversation.” The big changes were shown on a new prototype of Twitter, called twttr. One of the new features introduced is the first update to the camera tool in many years, aiming to create a more user-friendly experience. Users can add one of six colors, captions, locations, and hashtags onto their photos, videos or live streams. The second change is that engagement numbers are now hidden behind a tap. Only time will tell if these changes will stick or if these are simply for the birds.

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Facebook Has yet Another Security Scare

Late last week, Facebook shared that some user passwords were being stored as plain text in their internal systems. This means that the passwords were easily readable for the 2,000 engineers & developers on the Facebook team. In a statement, Facebook said the situation had been remedied and those who were affected were notified. The one thing missing in all of this? A reason why user passwords were stored in plain text.

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The College Scandal & How it Affects Influencer Marketing

At this point, you probably already know all about the college admission scandal that broke earlier this month. Included in this scandal was Olivia Jade, a Youtuber and daughter of Lori Laughlin. Our very own Jim Tobin took a deeper look into how this could potentially affect influencer marketing in last week’s edition of The Spin. The TL;DR version? When major influencers are involved in scandals and go down in flames, the brands they have worked with are pulled into the narrative. Although the repercussions aren’t apparent, our guess is that brands will be more cautious when choosing influencers.

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