Keeping Your Audience Engaged All Summer Long

social audiences over summer months can be challenging for brands with so many
interesting things going on throughout the busy season. Social media teams must
strive to produce and put out captivating content to keep their occupied
audiences interested. If you’re running low on ideas already here are a few
that can help keep you afloat for the rest of the season.

Talk to

engagement during the summer months can be as easy as asking a question.
Sharing a beautiful image relevant to your brand, along with a question for
your audience can give them the chance to share their thoughts or test their
knowledge in a fun and easy to execute way. Asking a question in your Instagram
Stories or posting a poll on Facebook can prompt them to give an answer without
having to head to the comment section to type something out. Once they give
their opinions or share their answers, you can respond individually to make
them feel heard or share the correct answer, depending on which avenue you

Get Them

Another way
to get users active on your page and drive traffic is by sharing special
offerings that are going on with your brand, like exclusive deals, promotions,
or events. Discounts on products and services are always good in your audience’s
eyes, so if something is on sale, let them know via social! Build up interest
by teasing your discounted offering, event, or freebie days before so that your
audience is excited and knows to check back for more details!

Ask Them
to Share

Summer is full
of photo-worthy activities that your audiences are involved with. Hosting a photo contest during summer months is a great option
when looking for ways to stock up on new and seasonally appropriate UGC. People
spend a lot of time outside when the weather is nice so asking users to send in
images for a chance to be featured or for a small prize can be beneficial for
your brand in more ways than one. People tend to be more energetic and happier
during warmer seasons, so this is the perfect time to ask them to share.
Running a photo contest can ultimately boost engagement and help plan out
content for upcoming months.

Their Language

speaking to your audiences in a relevant way is always helpful, no matter what
the season is, but in summer you can do some fun things. Talking about summer
activities, like barbecues, beach visits, vacations,  and pool days, can let you get a good idea of
what your audience is interested in so that you can plan content for the rest
of the season. For instance, if you’re a food brand and you share different
summer recipes, based on their popularity, you can figure out what to post
about next. If grilled meat recipes garnered more engagement than a summer
sweet treat recipe, then you know that your audience prefers grilled recipes,
for the most part, and you should create content surrounding that subject more
often than other types of recipes.

When trying these different content types, be sure not to overdo it. You don’t want to overwhelm your social audiences with too many bells and whistles every time you post. If you need help curating captivating content that’s aligned with your brand’s standards, we’re here to help!

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