Instagram Scheduling Now Available

Many social media managers have been waiting years for this
news – native Instagram scheduling is here! While Instagram finally started
allowing third party social media management systems to schedule content on the
platform last year, it still required the use of a separate tool and wasn’t
always free. Now, social media managers can schedule content through the
Facebook Creator Studio, which you may already be using for your Facebook
content. Now, you can schedule videos, images, and multi-image posts for
Instagram, as well as IGTV
content, all in the same content management system.

To schedule on Instagram, you’ll need to have connected your
Facebook business page to your Instagram profile. Then, when in Facebook Creator Studio,
simply toggle to the Instagram logo at the top to schedule content. You can see
scheduled, published, and archived content, as well as some performance
insights. You’ll see a tab for Stories – unfortunately, this is only for
insights as Instagram Story scheduling is still only available by posting live.
Our fingers are crossed that this feature isn’t far behind!

If you haven’t moved to Creator Studio for publishing your
Facebook content, this might be the motivation you need. For managers with
multi-brand page access, you’ll see that you can post and schedule content for
many accounts at once. This is a big change from using Publishing Tools or
Power Editor, so it takes some getting used to. If you duplicate content across
pages, this is a big advantage of the platform. Creator Studio also has a
library that can help with content management, especially if you have multiple
people working in the channels. In general, Facebook has been updating and
improving the publishing options for some time now to help page managers and
influencers easily create content. Be sure to check out Creator Studio to make
sure you are publishing as efficiently as possible.

Need some help with your social media content publishing strategy? We’re always available to help. Check out our Services here and keep in touch.

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