Importance of UGC and Creating Brand Advocacy

Cultivating UGC for your brand not only saves you time,
energy and recourses but helps create brand advocacy by making it easy for your
customers to share what they love about your brand to the world. 

Why UGC Works

75% of users say that user-generated content makes messaging
more authentic.  Once UGC is acquired, it
can be utilized across social channels to help amplify key messages while
engaging users in an authentic manner. UGC
is ideal for any content marketing strategy and comes in many different forms:
videos, reviews, blogs, product reviews, etc. What all these pieces of content
have in common is that people use them as part of the buying experience to help
them make purchasing decisions.

Create content on your channels that is centered around
capturing UGC for your brand and once you have a library to pick from, it
quickly becomes the key to any integrated content marketing strategy. Having
this content will allow your most passionate customers become your brand
advocates and this will help you ultimately build a community that loves your
products and/or services.

UGC in Action

Through community insights and social listening, we found
our #client Outer Banks of NC has a strong and passionate community. This
insight lead us to a UGC-heavy content strategy. Utilizing this passionate
community allowed us to create a content that encourages ongoing submission of
UGC and builds a community around one shared passion: OBX. We continuously sift
through thousands of pieces of UGC, asking for proper rights for images that
match our brand guidelines. This keeps out content creation cost low and

Need a step in the right direction on how to get started with your UGC content strategy? We’re here to help!

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