Ignite Is Now Pinterest Certified – Here’s How We Did It

Pinterest recently rolled out Pinterest Education, a
certification program that teaches agencies, consultants, and marketers how to
better advertise on the platform. Ignite had the opportunity to participate in
the Pinterest Education program and as of May 2019 is Pinterest certified – cue
the applause!  

The 7 step program consists of pre- and post-assessments and
trainings in three areas: Pinterest Narrative, Ads Manager, and Optimization. Whether
you’re new to Pinterest ads or have years of experience on the platform, this
program is great for learning how to get the most out of your ads. If you’re
interested in becoming certified, here’s what you should expect from the


Prior to starting the training sessions, you’ll need to take
an online pre-assessment test. The 50-question test covers six areas: Ads
Manager, Creative, Optimization, Pinterest General, Pinterest Tag, and
Targeting. After completing the test, you’re given an overall score and individual
scores for each of the six focus areas.  

Training Sessions:

Following the pre-assessment, you’ll work with your
Pinterest Partner Manager in setting up time for training sessions on the three
areas: Pinterest Narrative, Ads Manager, and Optimization. During this time, your
Partner Manger will walk you through presentations that focus on Pinterest
marketing solutions (objectives, ad formats, targeting, creative), the Ads
Manager dashboard (campaign hierarchy, tag, analytics, insights), and optimization
(bidding, targeting and keyword/interest optimization). If you don’t have an
active campaign, you’ll need to work with your Partner Manager to build and
launch a campaign in the platform, which will be used in the Optimization

and Certification:

Once you’ve completed the trainings, you’ll be instructed
to take an online post-assessment test that covers everything you learned in
your training sessions. To prepare for the test, it’s best to review the
session presentations and Pinterest
Business Resources and Guides
. Similar to the pre-assessment, the post-assessment
test consists of 50 questions covering the six key areas of the platform. Once
you take the test and pass, you’re certified.

With the Pinterest Education Program, Pinterest makes it easy for advertisers to learn about the ads platform and become Pinterest certified so they can advertise on the platform more effectively. If you’re interested in working with a Pinterest certified agency, contact Ignite!

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