Facebook is Censoring Journalists Criticism of White Trump Anti-Maskers and Anyone Critical Of His Supporters Issues Based on Discussion of Race

Yesterday, I was given a 30 days suspension from Facebook, for being critical of my fellow white folks who were burning masks in Boise. FYI, I’m white as well which makes no sense.
Being critical of my fellow white folks (who are Trump Anti-Maskers endangering others with death) is hate speech according to Facebook - here’s what I posted:
“Really am sick and tired of my fellow white people”

It’s not Hate speech, it’s just factual, look at the photo. Is it hate speech if I’m critical of my fellow white people? If black people use the “n” word with each other on Facebook are they banned as hate speech? And my real fear is just dying from these people, so I guess screw me, Zuck?

Keep in mind as a journalist, CEO/Editor of The Chris Voss Show & 9 Podcasts I have many social media posts of discussions about race in America because that is the conversation we are having with Black Lives Matter right now. I’ve had discussions with Authors & BLM leaders on racial issues between white and black people with more scheduled. Coming from a white man’s perspective and addressing the racism, anti-mask, anti-vaxxer movement in the Trump base is what many journalists are doing. And its a discussion we should be having about how to get along. Racism is THE issue right now. We have to talk about systemic racism in the white and black community, and it’s a little hard not to be talking about it and appropriate to resolve but Facebook won’t let me specify “White People.” Facebook: “Hey Chris you can talk about racism but we’ll ban you if you blame white people!” Isn’t that kinda a form of repression to not deal with the issue? Do I have to say “those people suppressing minorities” and just hope people know what I’m saying on Facebook?

Here’s the bigger problem, for probably a decade on Facebook I’ve always made self-effacing jokes about us white people. Something changed significantly about a year ago after Mark Zuckerberg started kissing up to Trump, dining with him and hobnobbing Conservatives over criticism of bias, threatened regulations, and most of the Attorney Generals in America now investigating the organization. This has been well documented and recently Zuckerberg has been trying to backpedal out of it while advertisers are revolting. Even Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter has behaved with far more integrity, I can at least type “white people” over there and make self-effacing “white trash” jokes (I’m no fashion god).

A year ago I started noticing the Facebook algorithm had changed and I was getting in trouble for jokes about Trumps white voters, even jokes that were self-effacing to me being white. I even got suspended for jokes marked with a clear “LOL” between a best friend, so Facebook doesn’t even get jokes now. Their algorithm thought I was bullying him. Thats how dumb its gotten.
Meanwhile, as I’m suspended for being upset with white Trump anti-Maskers, if you go into the “Deplorables” Trump groups on Facebook you will the most heinous, disgusting racism, feminism, anti-semitism to a level of a sickening degree. Facebook has given comfort to groups of all kinds of Hate supporters, yet somehow I am the problem and must be suspended? I dare you go into any of the Facebook Trumps groups and you’ll fine a very vile world Facebook lets slide.

Facebook is so screwed up I can’t even access or post my news on my site The Chris Voss Show. Censoring journalists for Trump’s gain, good job Facebook. A couple of weeks ago Facebook offered to give me a journalist protection status but I had to join the umpteenth rendition of a monopoly news scam they’ve started and I declined. Retribution? Who knows. Maybe you have to join the monopoly program so you can talk about white people’s issues. I’m also tired of how Facebook’s algorithm buries posts from other social platforms from your friends. In my opinion, it behaves as is a RICO/Monopoly at this point.

All of this started when Zuckerberg started kissing up to the guy Facebook is almost single-handedly at fault for, in throwing the election to Trump, destroying our Country, and killing what will be hundreds of thousands of Americans. Instead of being apologetic for tipping the election and contrite, Zuckerberg is just doubling down.
Yesterday many reporters commented on how disturbing it is that Facebook’s algorithm is favoring Trump state media fake news outlets to continue to spread misinformation and since many of these sites are “anti-mask” promoters: SICKNESS AND DEATH.

And besides one could see why Facebook would want to censor anti-masking criticism, COVID-19 has been a boom for the company online usage. The longer this crisis can go on the better for Facebook. Good job on keeping up the same work Facebook is destroying America and being complicit in what are now your consumers DYING. You’d think Mark Zuckerberg who only seems to care about his pocketbook would at least not censor posts against ideas that lose him users. I could be wrong, maybe there’s lots more ad money for Zuckerberg in those Memorial Accounts. But that’s Mark, he’ll burn the country down as long as you stay online!

Not only are Facebook’s morals, principals, and standards Hippocratic, stifling to journalists and criticism, they openly support racism by allowing it in their Groups, but god forbid I should say “white people” in my posts.

The mass of Attorney Generals should keep up the investigation and Facebook needs IMO a full Monopoly & RICO criminal charges with Mark Zuckerberg resigning. Reporting is showing most of his employees are sick of him supporting Trump. I think we’ve seen enough that HE IS the problem at Facebook and it needs heavy regulation with his removal.

I’ve reached out to Facebook for comment and will update if they ever bother to reply.

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