Content for the Customer Journey – Phase III: Conversion

At this point in our customer journey, you have a grasp on awareness,
we’ve covered consideration, and now we’re here at the moment of truth: conversion. This is goal of so many
marketing efforts… getting the consumer to make the purchase or other
measurable action. Let’s dive a little deeper into what we learned about conversion
content for the customer journey with client Discover Boating.   

Creating customer-first

All content should be tailored to each stage of the customer
journey. For Discover Boating, we knew that our community engaged with
first-person shot content, as well as with images where they could picture
themselves as part of the action. When we really got down to conversions
though, we learned that our audience responded when served with a variety of
boat types and activities, all within one post. This worked out perfectly,
since there are ad types that allowed us to deliver that content in a format
that also easily allowed the user to click through to our desired action… the
manufacturer referral.

What Works for Your Audience

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 Going into the content creation for
conversion posts, we knew we needed to deliver the content based on our
manufacturer referral objective. That meant our ads needed to easily allow the
audience to click through for our desired action, so we began by creating a
variety of posts, on both Facebook and Instagram, that were designed for the
click-through. Our formats included Instagram News Feed posts, Facebook link
posts, Facebook video link posts, Instagram Story posts, and Facebook &
Instagram carousel posts. As the campaign went on, by including members from
all discipline teams, we were able to notice trends that led us to understand
that Facebook carousel posts (with a variety of boats­–as mentioned above) were
our bread and butter, and we were able to focus our efforts there moving
forward. Additionally, by going beyond just the data, we were able to notice
trends in copy in our most successful posts that we were able to include in
future content as well.

the right ad objective

This may seem obvious, but it’s the key to
optimizing your ad spend. Select the right ad objectives to support your goal,
put money behind what’s working, and optimize along the way.

are gradual

Conversions may be slow and expensive to
start. That’s OK! Be patient. As you test and learn, you can hone in on what’s
working, and make the changes that will increase conversions and decrease their
cost. Once you discover what’s giving you the results you want, you can run
with it!

By doing everything listed above, we were able to increase conversions for this client by 29%, while only using 50% of the ad spend from the previous year. The results from the prospecting and consideration stages were pretty impressive, too. Ready to read more? Check out our full Content for the Customer Journey eBook.

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