CES Show 2019 Sponsors of The Chris Voss Show

Thanks to our 2019 Sponsors of The Chris Voss Show coverage of CES! Check them out at their respective booths at CES- More to be announced – Stay Tuned!

NexOptic Technology Corp. – an innovative lens design company inspired to enhance the way we view the world around us. Utilizing Blade Optics TM, our developing suite of innovative optical technologies, we increase aperture sizes within given depth constraints of multiple imaging applications for a more efficient use of space, improvements to diffraction limits, and increased resolution capabilities. Blade Optics TM technologies and lens stack designs are scalable to various sizes and can be manufactured using readily available optical materials and techniques.
http://www.nexoptic.com @NexOpticTech Sands, Hall G – 53358

SECUREDATA, Inc. is a privately held company, headquartered in California, USA. SecureData offers a range of tailored high-level data protection capabilities through a set of services and products. These include hardware encrypted portable storage devices, backup solutions, file repair software, data recovery, and digital forensics services to help clients achieve their security objectives. SecureData has a presence through its partners in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia and South America, and serves companies and organizations in regulated industries. https://www.securedrive.com @securedata LVCC, South Hall 4 – 35064

AJI DIGITAL – is a startup that provides a digital publication platform for interactive walls through an “all-in-one” offer (hardware+software). See them at Eureka Park – Booth #Sands, Hall G – 50059 http://aji.digital @aji_digital

Talent Alpha, Inc. – is an enterprise level tech talent platform that offers access to the best in class software engineering talent, as a service. As a marketplace, we connect enterprises struggling with closing the ‘tech talent gap’ with small & medium size software houses in Europe. We provide a wide range of IT services, meeting the most challenging demands for technology expertise and talent. Our platform allows bias-free matching of IT talent with projects, thanks to the AI engine that builds a comprehensive profile of every professional in the network, allowing a deterministic match. http://www.talent-alpha.com Sands, Hall G, 53160 @TalentAlphaInc

Conscience Robotics proposes a ready-to-use system can be installed easy on any robot: humanoid, flying or wheel-based. This system integrates a unique Artificial Intelligence that allows robots to be fully autonomous and to use their full physical capabilities. Each robot continuously develops and evolves its own solutions: move, activate a light switch, open a door, close a window, bring an object… Any new solution found by a robot is automatically shared with all robots. All competences are accessible throw the “Conscience Store”. Each user can learn to its robot the wanted Intelligences. http://www.conscience-robotics.com/ Sands, Hall G – 50215

& Mobile Network Support from AT&T! With AT&T’s help, we’ll be bringing you LIVE updates at CES from the AT&T Network, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note8. If you see The Chris Voss Show AT&T Wifi name show up on your phone swing buy for free wifi access. Goto ATT.com for all your mobile wireless needs!

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