BodyBrew BOD® Cold Brew System Unboxing Review

Spill and Shatter Proof
BodyBrew® uses only the highest quality materials to make the bod cold brew coffee system.

24 oz. of Extract Per Brew Cycle
24 oz. equals 8-12 servings of hot or iced coffee. The super-concentrated extract stores fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Health Safe Tritan®
The BOD® is made using Tritan®, which is BPA, BPS, Phalate and PVC free.

Dishwasher Safe
All parts of the bod system are dishwasher safe. No need to worry about scratches, warps, stains or odors.

Re-Brew Optimized
You can Re-Brew the coffee grounds a second time with great flavor, giving you 3-4 additional cups of coffee to stretch your coffee dollar.

Body Friendly Coffee
The BOD® produces coffee extract that’s low in oily compounds, stomach churning, and teeth-staining acids.

Compact, Modular, Portable
Total Height = 12.5 in. Diameter = 6.25 in.

Brew Chamber
Micro-mesh Stainless Steel Filter

Custom count-up timer is magnetized to fit on the blue X brand port. Personalize the strength of your coffee and find your perfect brew number!

The Brew chamber is made of Tritan® safe plastic which is BPA, BPS, Phalate, PVC Free. Height = 9.25 in.

The micro-mesh stainless steel filter optimizes extraction, is easy to clean, and produces a sediment-free coffee extract.

The removable base has a built-in handle for easy attachment to the Brew Chamber or for transporting the BOD anywhere.

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