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That little blue bird logo and the social channel behind it have been around for a while. With more than 50,000 active monthly users, this platform has grown into a popular spot for users to catch up on news, sports and entertainment. Twitter gives users the ability to stay in touch with their favorite brands, in a “happening now” atmosphere.  It’s a great place for brands to share timely information and eye-catching visuals while engaging with their community. When using any social platform, like Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, it’s always helpful to have some tips and tricks to follow. We’re here to help you make the most of this social channel with these Twitter best practices.

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Build a Better Bio

The bio is the first thing a user will see when they visit your page, and it’s the perfect spot to set the tone for your brand. It gives you a limited amount of characters (160 to be exact) to leave a description of your brand and create a lasting impression on users. Don’t forget to utilize the location option, you’d hate for your company to get mixed up with another with a similar name. Also, if your brand has a specific hashtag, the bio is a good place to include it.

Keep Your Tweets Short and Sweet

Don’t think you have to hit the character limit with every tweet. Sometimes shorter is better, so keep your copy concise while still being creative! If you have a tweet where you need to relay a lot of information, if possible, link to your website so users can get more details and you’ll be able to keep the character count down.

Don’t Forget the Visuals

Plain text is boring and very easy to scroll past. Make your content pop by adding an image, video or even a gif to your tweet. Short and sweet applies to videos too, keep your videos straight to the point. Size is important when dealing with imagery and videos- 1024 x 512 pixels is the standard rectangle shaped image you’ll want to use. You can upload square 1:1 ratio images, but you run the risk of them not looking great when they’re cropped on the feed. Your best bet is stick with the rectangle shape.

Jump on the Trends (if it makes sense)

Find a creative way for your brand to naturally get involved with timely trends. Sure, the holidays can be an easy one to relate to and there is usually a corresponding hashtag for that, but how could your brand join in on other trends? Easy topics to hop onto include local events such as sports team winning a major game, or national trends like the Ice Bucket Challenge. If you can find a way to get your brand involved in the conversation involved appropriately, give it a try!

Add Some #Hashtags

Want to reach more than just your followers? Consider throwing in a hashtag. Hashtags help your brand appear among trending topics and allows for more eyes on your content. From national holidays, to #tbt and #MondayMotivation, use a hashtag to help your brand appear in more searches and stand out on user’s feeds.

Give the Cool Tools a Try

Polls, pinned tweets and retweets are all great ways to add content to your page. Twitter polls are a fun and simple way to engage with your community. Plus, they help to break up the feed from the usual images and videos. If you’ve tweeted something you want people to see and remember, pin it to the top. Holiday hours, sales and other important tidbits are some examples of tweets to pin. Retweets might not always be the best fit for your brand, but if you have a partnership with an athlete or another brand, this could be a great function to utilize to reach a larger audience.

Engage with Your Audience

Make sure to interact with your audience to connect and build customer relationships. After all, a simple ‘like’ could be all a user needs to follow your brand or recommend you to others. In case you run into negative feedback, you can use this as an opportunity to turn it into something positive. Who knows, you could gain a new fan this way!

Want to try out some of these Twitter best practices for your social content? We’d love to help!

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