Best Gifts 2019: The Gifts We Recommend From Our Reviews!

As we approach the Holidays, The Chris Voss Show has now reviewed products over 10 years and nearly 8000 Articles and Videos. These are some of the products we reviewed this year that stand out to us. Keep in mind these are the products we ONLY have reviewed and in many cases, they make the best products we love across their whole product lines. If you think a product should be on the list, sorry may have not reviewed it and kicked its tires around for worthiness. As we keep getting in review units, we’ll keep updating this list up the Holidays so bookmark it and stay tuned. Be sure to subscribe to our 8 Podcasts at

Master & Dynamic – M&D through its whole product line makes some of my most favorite products. The attention to detail is immaculate and a great designed spectrum of consumer sounding headphones is incredible. If Steve Jobs made headphones he would make these. This year, M&D launched more favorites: MH40 Wireless &MW65 ANC headphones. Then MW07 wireless earphones in a beautiful variety of models, MW07, Plus and Go. I joke every holiday “If you truly love someone get them something from Master & Dynamic.” I personally love my MH40s the most (5 years old and still look new), but the new MW40 Wireless has me in love along with the great for travel MW65 ANC’s. And you cant beat the cool personal looks of their new MW07 line.

Buy anything and everything from them you cant go wrong. Goto: Master & Dynamic

AT&T – We’ve covered all the carriers over the last 10 years but AT&T has kept us up to date with all the latest phones to review and supported The Chris Voss Show with impeccable service and bandwidth coverage. All our events coverage, like CES, NAB, CEDIA, all the conferences and touring we do, pictures, video comes to you courtesy of their network. We couldnt do it without them. This year we covered the Google Pixel 4XL and the Samsung Galaxy line. My favorite is always the Samsung Galaxy Note line. But you can check out their website and get what you like best.

Goto: AT&

DJI OSMO Pocket – We fell in love with this amazingly engineered video camera and gimbal. Super attention to detail and exceptional quality build in the smallest package ever. This is now part of our road gear replacing our giant cameras and gimbals down to filming our life and dogs. Its great, get one!

Goto: DJI OSMO Pocket

In addition, some of the best mounts accessories we’ve found for it are at

Acer – Just delivered their new SWIFT 5 laptop. Available in a variety of builds and options, our first take is they are amazingly light and thin. While its lightness is mindblowing its still solid with plenty of features, incredibly beautiful touch screen and a great keyboard. Mind-blowing speed as well. “Designed to be carried around all day for work and entertainment, the Swift 5 is the lightest1 14” clamshell notebook that weighs just 990 grams and has a powerful NVIDIA® graphics card. It also has the latest Intel® Core™ CPU and is only 14.95mm thin, so you can be confident in its powerful design.” Its so light you wont know you’re carrying it around and it looks great.

Goto: Acer Laptops

Think Tank Photo – These folks make some of the best camera bags & travel gear ever. Everything designed meticulously and rugged for the road. The Chris Voss Show runs with them as their gear manager carryalls and even as luggage. They launched a blizzard of new products and updates – buy one or all for your fit.

Goto: Think Tank Photo

Saddleback Leather – Leather products so great “They’ll fight over it when youre dead.” We’ve reviewed Saddleback for half a decade and their CEO makes some of the greatest high-quality leather products that will blow your mind and come with a 100 Year Warranty. Everything you can buy from them we’d recommend.

Goto: Saddleback Leather

Updates to post coming:

CEntrance – Great products for mobile or stationary, we love their products that help our podcasts go on the road to shows for interviews etc. Even great for home/office recording and podcasts.

Goto: CEntrance

Lume Cube – Blew our minds this year with amazing variety of lights for photography and video production. Not only lights but ones with a ton of features and add ons including being able to control them with bluetooth and mobile app. Not to mention you can run a bunch of them in series. They have an even larger unit out we havent tested yet but we love the Lume Cube product and great design.

Goto: Lume Cube

Withings – I’ve always loved the Withings products, their scale was a lifesaver to help me lose 75 pounds. I’m so glad they were bought back from Nokia and the company is reinvigorated. Their new blood pressure collar is incredible with an LED built into it. Its a BP cuff I’d expect Steve Jobs to design. These guys make great products.

Goto: Withings

OWC – Other World Computing send us some great stuff this year and as always they make a top of the line premium products. From the OWC SSD’s that we use for Gaming and running our office computers, to their Thunderblade storage units, the Thunderbolt hubs docs, drive swapping backups, everything they build is super high quality and exceptional standards. The Chris Voss Show office is filled with their products that keep us running strong. Everything you can buy there is top shelf. We love em.

Goto: OWC

Hestan Cue – Taking their family of high-quality cookware and taking it to the next level with Bluetooth enabled cookware and mobile apps helps people be better cooks and make the perfect food. Love the cookware and really great for all ranges of cooks. We love em.

Hestan Cue


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