about me

My Boys And Me

Hi, Pam Abernathy here.  Also known as “The Crazy Giveaway Lady”.  If you have not guessed I am a little, well lets just say strange and nutty.   I like to have fun doing what I do no matter what it is, even doing business, because if you can not have fun you should not be doing it!!

You will find that I am here to make sue that you can succeed in taking the leap of faith and starting our online business.  As my mentor says, “When you grow I grow” So to put it lightly, you ain’t getting rid of me for anything.  Well, unless you just decide that you don’t like me and don’t want to be around me, which I just know that is not going to happen.

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I am a mother of two grown boys, both 6’4″ and healthy.  I have done my fair share of the working a j.o.b. since I have been working since I was 13.  And I gotta tell ya, It is for the birds now that I know what it is like to not have to.  I want to make sure you know what that is like also.  So come on and lets get started on this journey!!!!

A good email for me is livingfreerealitycheck@gmail.com